Menstruation Matters

By engaging with Nest you will ensure your staff and managers are informed and have the language to understand (and respond to) menstruation, menstrual difficulties (such as endometriosis or PCOS) & fertility matters in the workplace. Whether that means a safe space to talk & request accomodations, the provision of period products in bathrooms and other initiatives, assistance with creating guidelines and policy, Nest can help.

These sessions are packed full of information, designed for anyone directly and indirectly impacted by menstruation matters (and that’s everyone!), with a focus on the work environment. Nest bring a wealth of knowledge, humour, experience and expertise to deliver essential & empowering information for staff, management and supporters. 

These sessions have flexible content in order to be specific and relevant to the audience, whether it be: 
 general overview
 supporting line managers to respond to staff
 managers and leaders
 HR, occupational health & support staff 
 allies, advocates & champions

AND WE OFFER MORE THAN EDUCATION SESSIONS: Nest works closely with a DE&I specialist to ensure you receive information, resources and support specific to your workplace. 
Check out various ‘packages’ here – or ask us to create a package specific to your needs.

Allow the experts at Nest to assist you:
– with guidance in surveying your unique workforce 
– understanding the results of workforce surveys 
– planning actions and linking them to DE&I outcomes
– providing resources
– providing evidence based education specific to your needs
– in formulating workplace guidance and/or policy with examples

Addressing the impact of the menstruation in the workplace is a part of the jigsaw that will positively impact your organisation in: 
 reducing your gender pay gap
 improving gender balance and female leadership representation
 retaining key talent and experience
 addressing the gender retirement pay gap
 increasing employee engagement and productivity
 reducing costs for recruitment, employee absence and employee relations issues
 increasing your brand reputation – be known as an inclusive organisation that supports women and people experiencing the menopause transition

Why Nest?:
– we have the experience of a qualified women’s health & fertility nurse specialist with a current practicing certificate
– we have the experience of a DE&I Specialist with a sound understanding of the systemic and intergenerational barriers facing many diverse groups in Aotearoa
– we are one of the largest education providers of puberty and period programmes in schools across Aotearoa.
– we are members of the ‘Positive Periods’ campaign who met with Parliamentary members and the Prime Minister of the time to secure free period products in schools.
– we were commissioned by the Ministry of Education to conduct focus groups with students / whanau/ community and school staff to report their voice to Government regarding education and period product access.
– we are the provider of evidence based menstruation focussed content to various providers including The Period Place, AWWA period products, KidsCan and Organic Initiative.
– we are the clinical consultant and advisor to Nano Girl in their contract with the Ministry of Education – providing educational resources to schools on periods and products.
– we are accredited by Natural Fertility NZ (NFNZ) providing CME & professional development to GP’s. 
– we regularly attends Conferences & Workshops to ensure the latest accurate information is at hand.

Please enquire (our rates are reflective of corporate / small business / not for profit structures).