Sex Education Lagging

As reported in the NZ Herald Today (Dec 30) ‘Nearly three-quarters of New Zealanders feel that the Roast Busters case showed high school students needed to be taught about respectful attitudes to sex, not just the mechanics of sexual intercourse.’

This is a statement that Robyn Fausett, from Nest Consulting: a company that delivers in-school sexuality education, utterly agrees with. As Nest Consulting’s owner & senior educator, Robyn, who is also a fertility nurse and an accredited educator with NFNZ, put together several interactive programmes aimed at tweens and teens to address exactly that. Ensuring each programme is suitable for its target audience, with parent inclusion as appropriate (a parents information evening is held prior to the Puberty Programme aimed at either Yr 5/6 or Yr 7/8) the courses are carefully constructed to discuss not only the ‘mechanics’ of body changes/body functions etc but also the psychological and sociological aspects & impacts.

‘My philosophy has always been that sexuality education needs to be delivered holistically & age appropriately as a collaborative effort from home & school’, says Robyn, who is also a parent of three teenagers. ‘Along with the biology there needs to be discussion & skill development around good decision making, identity, good body image, media awareness, relationships and the meaning of consent: only then can our young people feel empowered to make respectful and informed choices’.

To check out Nest Consulting’s Sexuality Programmes which range from ‘Positive Puberty Plus’ for Yr 5/6 or Yr 7/8 to ‘Fertility Awareness & Responsibility’ for girls in Yr 10 – 13 to ‘Sensitive Subjects’: a challenging discussion programme for Yr 12/13.


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