Want to Avoid Conception? Looking for a Natural Method of Family Planning? Nest Consulting can helprong.

Nest Consulting’s Natural Fertility Educator teaches individuals and couples in a programme of three – four consultations (with follow up for a year) to recognise signs of fertility via the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM). As clients become aware of their fertile and non-fertile times, ‘double check’ guidelines are taught to enable clients an informed choice of either abstaining from sex or utilising a barrier form of contraception when fertility is observed in order to avoid conception each cycle.

Why use our service?

  • Because you are unique your treatment assessment and plan are individualised
  • For your convenience we provide home visits in addition to our SKYPE consultations
  • Our Educator is accredited by Natural Fertility New Zealand (NFNZ) so you can be assured of quality treatment
  • Nest Consulting liaises with many other health care professionals so if we don’t have the answer we will know someone who does.
  • After the course we continue to provide complimentary support via email /skype / telephone for the year.

What can I expect?

The Nest Consulting service offers you a programme of individualised personal consultations, which are generally held over 2 – 3 months, dependent upon your unique menstrual cycle. You will usually require 3 consultations.

Initial consultation(3/4 – 1 hour)

Introduction to service. Health, fertility and medical history gathered. Health promotion and information. Initial questions & concerns addressed.
Information & teaching about the reproductive system, combined fertility and fertility in relationship to the menstrual cycle. Teaching how to observe and record signs and symptoms of fertility utilising a fertility chart (supplied).
You are always provided with take home information in the form of cue cards to ensure you have a point of reference.

First follow-up consultation (1/2 – 3/4 hour)

At your second appointment you will begin to learn how to interpret the information you have recorded on your fertility chart.
Your chart will be utilised to increase your chances of conception each cycle. Your chart will highlight if there are potential fertility issues.
At this appointment you will also be taught an additional technique to observe your fertility.

Second follow-up consultation (1/2 – 3/4 hour)

At your third appointment you will continue learning about your individual cycle and its relationship to your combined fertility. You will be well on your way to reading your charts autonomously. If fertility issues have been highlighted further action and treatment planning will be discussed. If your charting has not highlighted any issues then you are encouraged to continue charting (practicing correct timing of intercourse for conception) for your next 6 cycles by which time most couples have conceived.

Call or email for more information or to book your complimentary initial phone call.