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Robyn has provided consultancy for public and private schooling sectors, government departments and not-for-profit organisations. Robyn has been invited to give her educated opinion on radio and television, has been featured in a book, has written articles and given quotes & opinions for several newspapers and magazines, in print and online.

Robyn Fausett is a:
Nurse. Clinical Advisor. NFNZ Accredited Educator. NFNZ Accredited CME Provider. Consultant. In-School Sexuality Education Provider. CDfG Accredited Facilitator. Researcher. Writer. Public Speaker.

Regularly approached for comment for current affairs involving:

  • Sexuality & Relationship Education
  • Puberty
  • Body Image & Self Esteem
  • Menstruation and feminine hygiene products
  • Child Sexual Development
  • Sexualisation
  • Pornography & Sexting
  • Respectful Relationship Education
  • Emotional Intelligence Education
  • Mental Health
  • Tweens / Teens / adolescence
  • Fertility Awareness and Education
  • Natural Fertility
  • Infertility
  • Women’s Health
  • Mother and Baby
  • Peri / Menopause

Previous publications / TV / Radio Media:

How and when to talk to your kids about sex: Published in Canvas, The NZ Herald magazine: Feb 10th 2018

Days for Girls Article Published in The Natural Parent magazine: Summer, 2017 issue.

We need proper fertility education in schools: Published in Stuff 8/8/16

Should we teach ‘fertility’ at High School? Published in info news 06/08/2016

Doing What Comes Naturally, Managing Fertility Published in Feb 2015: Home Birth Aotearoa Magazine

Nest Consulting support ‘Days for Girls’ charity Published in Scoop Sunday, 21 February 2016

Puberty Education and Body Image work in schools May 2016 Article in Education Aotearoa magazine

Sex-Ed in Schools Live radio interview aired on RadioLIVE – Wallace Chapman – 31, Dec 2013

Sexuality Education in Schools Telephone interview aired on TV: Freeview CTV8 News: 30, Dec 2013

Sex Education Lagging Published on Scoop Internet News: Monday, 30 December 2013,

Uncharted territory! Fertility charting Published on Essential Mums Internet Page: April 18, 2013

Natural Family Planning Published on Essential Mums Internet Page: December 3, 2012

Pre-conception matters Published on Essential Mums Internet Page: November 20, 2012

Featured & quoted in: Called to the Child-Birth Profession by Donyale Abe Book published Feb 1, 2012

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Robyn Fausett, owner of Nest Consulting, researcher and writer of material utilised, a Nurse specialised in community collaboration, the broad topic of sexuality, teaching within schools, mental health & emotional intelligence, consultant and clinical advisor is also a qualified and experienced speaker!

Her approach draws on years of expertise, her medical background as a Nurse, working with students, their Whanau and teachers, personal anecdotes and stories. She has a practical, down-to-earth, interactive style that any audience appreciates.

Audiences include:

  • Schools (Teachers, SWiS, Parents, Students Yr 5 –Yr 13)
  • Health care Professionals – (GPs, Nurses, Midwives, Embryologists, Complimentary Health Professionals)
  • Students (Medical Students, Nursing and Midwife students)
  • Family friendly businesses
  • Community organisations
  • District Health Boards
  • Local government
  • Parenting groups
  • Overseas organisations (with interpreter)
  • Charities and Non-profits
  • Expos and Conferences (in NZ and overseas)

Previous Speaker Engagements:

Regular presenter of ‘Managing Menopause’ evenings & ‘Positive Puberty Plus’, ‘Teen Talks’ and other school programmes to Parents, Whanau, Teachers and Students

Guest Speaker at Canadian Expo Jan 2018: ‘Fertility and Diet’

‘Environmental Menstrual Product Awareness & Teaching in Schools’ event (Hong Kong 2017)

‘Sexuality Education’ prxesentation & talks with ‘Betty Bus’ administrators – a UK initiative providing menstrual education via a bus in schools (London 2017)

‘Period Poverty’ Talks in the community and Speaker (with interpreter) to student teachers about hygiene, personal cares and safety, the menstrual cycle & recyclable menstrual products – representing the charity ‘Days for Girls’ (Cambodia 2016)

Presenter – ‘Summery of Natural Fertility Conference in Australia’ to NFNZ Educators at NFNZ Conference (Auckland 2016)

Embryologist Conference Guest Speaker – ‘Natural Family Planning – Symto Thermal Method in modern day fertility medicine’ (Auckland 2014)

CME Nurses Update Guest Speaker – ‘Fertility and the Menstrual Cycle’ (West Auckland 2013)

Pro Care GP Group CME presenter – ‘Fertility and the Menstrual Cycle’ (Central Auckland 2013

Nurses and community workers CME presenter – ‘Fertility and the Menstrual Cycle’ (Wellington 2012)

Plunket group Guest Speaker – ‘Fertility and Breastfeeding’ (West Auckland 2011)