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Class well managed. Students enthusiastically engaged and felt they had “ownership” of the experience. Content “flowed”- easy to understand. “hands on” activities – teacher, visual, games all delivered at the right level. Interesting and appropriate resources. All the visuals are helpful. Class management was awesome. A positive and culturally sensitive experience. I was particularly impressed with how “differences” were addressed. The Educators were articulate, friendly and experienced in student management. The lessons “flowed” and the information was at the right level. It was an interactive and appropriate programme. The educators had a sense of humour but also managed students most effectively. Great rapport and shared some personal experiences most effectively and with sensitivity. The Educator also very quickly recognised students who have “special needs and challenges” and seamlessly provided a safe space and informative day for everyone. Thank you. This is the best “pubertal change” presentation I have been involved with in 50 years intermediate teaching!!! 🙂

Feedback from Teacher in Class. Waitakere Primary. West Auckland

We asked Robyn from Nest Consulting to create a new Programme for our school to address sexuality education and related issues for our Year 10 cohort. In consultation with us every step of the way we are thrilled with the quality of the material and the course as a whole. It was well received by the parents and students alike, is modern, relevant and topical. It has exceeded our expectations. The quality of the delivery was also impressive and we look forward to running it again next year.

Deputy Head, Pinehurst School

Parents, learners and teachers were all very impressed with the high quality of the recent Positive Puberty presentation by Nest Consulting. The information was presented both factually and sensitively in a fast-paced and responsive manner. The presenters were positive and used a wide range of games, media and teaching skills to ensure that all learners were engaged and growing in confidence about a very broad range of topics associated with this period in their lives. As a parent of five teenagers and young people myself, and now as a principal of a Christian school, I would have no hesitation in recommending this programme to any school. I am grateful that Robyn and her team have the passion and expertise to support schools and parents in this area and wish them well!

Endorsement from: Helen Pearson, Principal @ Horizon School: (Programmes delivered at Yr 5/6 & Yr 7/8)

We appreciate your cultural sensitivity. Well done.
 The Teachers are raving about you and your Programme. It has been reported to the Board and we will be booking for next time and recommending you to other schools. You talked with our students about their self worth. This is essential and a starting point to all things. Thank you.
 Good length. Great rapport Loved the differences between the Yr 5/6 and the Yr 7/8 Programmes. Sessions seemed well planned so felt it was a good length for students to stay engaged. Information was so relevant to this digital age Clear diagrams.The students were relating to each other and sharing accurate information in class after the Programme. Students were quick to pay attention and respond to all material presented because it was all relevant and understood. Educator communicated effectively to children, outline boundaries and communicating strategies e.g.. horn, clapping etc. Students were engaged. Good speaking pace, kids really understood and were engaged throughout. I really liked the way you worded things and how you included the kids in the activities. Really interactive and not too embarrassing! In the girls session I thought the yoga moves to reduce any discomfort were great. Great personal messages. Girls very comfortable. The social media element was really good: I hope the kids will take into consideration the words/activities they use online. Very positive: loved the interactive activities. It was awesome! If you have even more interactive things that’d be great. Awesome rapport with all the children, inviting atmosphere made kids feel comfortable. Educator very professional and culturally sensitive.

Collective Feedback from Clendon Park Principal & Staff (Yr 5/6 & Yr 7/8 Programmes)

Excellent level – students empowered’ “Educator fantastic. Great delivery. All kids engaged. Thank you””Awesome and informative. The children were interested and were keen to learn” “Great media and resources: perfectly pitched. Loved the puppets and the children thought the quiz morning was slightly competitive and a lot of fun. Excellent difference between the Yr 5/6 and Yr 7/8 programmes: great to revisit in this way every two years.””Educator did a good job of presenting challenging material to the children in a way that kept things calm and relaxed. The children were all very interested and engaged in the programme.””Educator able to control the group (because of this great listening and concentration achieved). Very engaging and a great speaker: very clear” “Spot the difference activity and dvd is awesome””Educator built a great rapport with the students: firm but gentle and easy to talk to- students easily asked questions to her, in group situation or individually at lunch-time”.”Awesome. Thanks. We continue to receive great feedback from parents, teachers and the students. Please do book us in for T4, 2017. It’s been a pleasure”. ‘Today was a very positive experience for all students. There were lots of questions showing the students were very curious’ ‘The Educator was fantastic with the students. Explained new vocab to students very well, showing pictures to link the new vocabs. Her tone was nice and her rapport with students was great as she knew when to move on if it was getting too much or when to spend longer on something if groups needed to have a longer discussion’ “I could see most students engaged, fascinated” “Educator fielded questions from students in a positive manner. Clear explanations pitched at right level. Warm, interpersonal, calm, empowering voice” “please come back!” “The day totally fulfilled what we saw at the Parents Evening Meeting: Excellent content” “All very good: thank you very much for a great programme” ‘Positive sessions. Informative. Moved through concepts/ideas at a great pace’ ‘Students were engaged & enjoyed variety of quiz questions and powerpoint’ ‘Great balance of humour, seriousness and info. Well presented a sensitive subject’ ‘Great information. Nice and clear. Students felt comfortable talking and interacting’ ‘Fantastic kit for the girls. Beautifully presented. Kids loved them

Staff Feedback from multiple schools (see FaceBook for more)

I learnt that boys produce 50,000 sperm a minute” “The best part of today was: the whole thing!”The most important thing I remember is ‘how puberty is just a part of growing up’ “I didn’t know before that blood and fluid build up on the inside walls of your wombs” “The most important thing I remember is ‘that I will talk about myself positively’ ‘I’m not the only one going through puberty’ ‘I learnt the names of things I didn’t know before and a lot of other things too’ ‘That everyone is amazing and that you don’t have to compare yourself to anybody’ ‘To be responsible and take responsibility for my actions’ ‘Everybody should be themselves and you don’t have to be anything else’ ‘I loved the games’ ‘I learnt what a wet dream is and how periods work’ ‘To be happy with yourself’ ‘I know the hormone names and body parts now’ ‘Just be yourself and don’t be negative about yourself’ ‘To love your own body and also not to be involved in cyber bullying’ ‘To not panic about periods and to love the way you look, act and live’ ‘I learnt where a tampon goes if you ever want to use one’ ‘The name of glands that send messages and create fluids’ ‘To be careful and kind on social media

Student Feedback from multiple schools (see FaceBook for more)

“Excellent! Congratulations on such a well run, organised, informative and sensitive session. I have been asked to attend (in a professional capacity) many sessions and this was by far the best from what I heard at the Parent evening and from *******’s feedback. All I can say is keep up the good work! A great foundation for us to build on at home – Thank you.”


“My daughter ******, was very happy with the session. Although she was already well informed, I hadn’t covered the emotional side of puberty which she found really helpful. I also thought it was great for her to learn what the opposite sex went through; that it wasn’t just a ‘girl’ thing. I personally thought the video was excellent with the feedback from other children.”


“This programme is great. Not only does it tackle puberty for boys as well as for girls but my son also gained from the other parts of the day especially the media information and how not to compare himself to others so thank you and keep up the good work.”


“I thought it would be really embarrassing but it was fun. I learnt a lot.”

Yr 6 Student

“The teachers found your approach to be effective and you had a lovely manner with the children.”

DP West Auckland School

“This is the 3rd year Nest Consulting have visited our Yr 6 children and we remain very happy with the Programme. Our Parents appreciate the information evening and our young people gain so much from the interactive teaching style & the quality of the class.”

Team leader South Auckland School

“Another informative lesson for our Year 10 girls based at just the right level to have them engaged and responding. Excellent work and we will see you next year!”

DP Central Auckland Catholic Girls School

“I really liked the cartoon and the quiz. I learnt a lot and liked that you let us laugh.”

Yr 5 Student

“Put in child speak; clear and succinct. Wished I’d had it in my day!”

Teacher, West Auckland School

“The Educator gave clear instructions and boundaries at the start, really great. She kept the students engaged and gave time to laugh so the students got it out of their system. The different activities were great to break the day up & she kept the students engaged throughout. Excellent!”

Teacher, Northland School