Positive Puberty Plus ©

Would you like your tweens to experience a fun, positive, engaging, interactive and informative puberty education, life skills & empowerment programme?

For a no-obilgation quote please contact us with your cohort numbers and preferred Term.

Your preferred provider for Primary / Intermediate in-school education (also available for youth groups). Now NZ-wide!

The programme includes health and wellbeing puberty education alongside parts of our ”Body Talk©’ Programme looking at self esteem, body image, media awareness, critical thinking skills and more.
Delivered through the lens of the World Health Organisation recognised Hauora approach – a unique kiwi tool focusing on achieving wellness through the balance of all our parts – our body, our mind, our spirituality, our social and physical environment.
For Year 7/8 additional components of cyber safety, ok/not ok – looking after self and media manners / anti-bullying are included.
Nest Educators also promote that health and wellness of self is inextricably linked to the health and wellness of the planet and include elements of ‘waste free’ living in all our work.
Delivered over a full school day and designed at two levels for Yr 5/6 & Yr 7/8.

We meet with the parents/whanau for 60 -75 mins (during an afternoon/evening), some time prior to meeting with the children, to discuss with them the course outline, answer questions etc.
Please note some schools choose not hold a parents/whanau evening.
We then provide a fun educational session for the students (meeting boys and girls together and separately throughout the day dependent on subject matter).

Topics included (but not limited to):

** Please note: some schools pick and mix from this content – consult your school for details. Attending a Whanau Information evening is an opportunity to hear more about the programme, the content your school has chosen and a time to ask questions**

  • Changes are normal in body & mind.
  • Changes happen at different times for different people.
  • Understanding glands. Naming hormones and changes. Exploring the science.
  • Particular changes in boys & girls. Physical, social & emotional.
  • How to manage changes .
  • Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise, Sleep.
  • Body acceptance.
  • Greater responsibility. Building trust.
  • Making good environmental decisions: living waste free
  • Safe choices for handling changing emotions/feelings. Emotional Intelligence.
  • Techniques for good decision making. Critical thinking skills.
  • Self Esteem. Individuality. Body Wonderment.
  • Media influence: ‘what’s real’ . Examples of image tweaking.
  • Accurate information. Correct words for parts of the body.
  • Simple diagrams of anatomy.
  • Age appropriate information about the biology of changes occurring at puberty in the reproductive region (production/release of reproductive cell(s), menstruation in girls and erection/ejaculation (wet dream) in boys.
  • Sharing the good things & fears about becoming a grown up.
  • Look at pads, period undies, tampons & cups (including eco friendly options). Talk about the “Old days”. School policy for disposal. (Girls only).
  • Where to go for answers to questions and or fears: People you trust and have the knowledge.
  • An opportunity for questions (we encourage the use of a sealed question box the week leading up to the programme).

Additional content for Yr 7/8

  • Cyber safety: password protection, privacy settings, reporting & more.
  • Additional body image and self esteem work.
  • OK/Not OK : Looking after self activity.
  • Anti-bullying: Media manners.

There are also occasions where we are asked to include information targeting specific issues for a school: i.e. anti-drug awareness (‘huffing’), safe ways to manage stress (addressing self harming issues) etc. In addition we have an ‘add on’ to this Programme if requested: ‘How are babies made’. Please discuss with us at time of inquiry. Programmes are regularly adapted to an individual school’s/community’s needs. Nest also frequently work in the disability sector.


The teaching material & media utilised is varied, relevant and constantly updated, including:

  • PowerPoint
  • Interactive group activities
  • Work sheets
  • Illustrations drawn by Kiwi artist
  • Te Reo Maori inclusion throughout
  • Cartoon clips
  • DVD
  • Question & Answer session (Anonymous question box)
  • Girls sample bags with products or vouchers
  • (Boys sample bags available at an additional cost)
  • Homework / Activity Sheet
  • Parents Evening & further resources supplied online
  • Parent access to puberty / body image book recommendations via website
  • Teacher follow-up activities supplied online
  • Linked to the NZ Health Curriculum (Teachers please ask for our document outlining Nest programme links with the NZ Health Curriculum strands, implementation strategies & lesson plans)

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Positive Puberty Plus©: Cost

 2020/2021 Fees

Fees will vary depending on your requirements and are outlined below.

  • Payment is by internet banking, PayPal or cheque.
  • Please note that all in-school and group education packages are quoted exclusive of GST


‘Positive Puberty Plus©’ Programme Costing Guideline: * We are flexible within reason re. the numbers of children in each group with a suggested maximum of 50 & an absolute maximum of 60.

We charge per group not per head.

Initial Parents Evening: $220 (60 – 75 mins)

Tweens Session: 1 group = max. numbers: ~25-30 boys AND ~25-30 girls

  • 1 group $450 (indicative of $7.50 / student) plus Parents Evening = $670.00 + GST
  • 2 groups $900 (indicative of $7.50 / student) plus Parents Evening = $1120.00 + GST
  • 3 groups $1350 (indicative of $7.50 / student) plus Parents Evening = $1570.00 + GST

If the venue is outside of Auckland &/or a city centre by more than 40 km there may be specific booking Terms / Weeks and/or cost neg. due to travel/accommodation allowance: please contact us to discuss.

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