Positive Puberty Plus ©

Would you like your tweens to experience a fun, positive, engaging, interactive and informative puberty education, life skills & empowerment programme?

For a no-obilgation quote please contact us with your cohort numbers and preferred Term.

Your preferred provider for Primary / Intermediate in-school education (also available for youth groups). Now NZ-wide!

The programme includes puberty education alongside parts of our ”Body Talk©’ Programme looking at self esteem, body image, media awareness, critical thinking skills and more. For Year 7/8 additional components of cyber safety, ok/not ok – looking after self and media manners / anti-bullying are included.
Delivered over a full school day and designed at two levels for Yr 5/6 & Yr 7/8.
We meet with the parents/whanau for 75 mins (during an afternoon/evening), some time prior to meeting with the children, to discuss with them the course outline, answer questions etc.
Please note some schools choose not hold a parents/whanau evening.
We then provide a fun educational session for the students (meeting boys and girls together and separately throughout the day dependent on subject matter).

Topics included (but not limited to):

  • Changes are normal in body & mind.
  • Changes happen at different times for different people.
  • Understanding glands. Naming hormones and changes. Exploring the science.
  • Particular changes in boys & girls. Physical, social & emotional.
  • How to manage changes .
  • Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise, Sleep.
  • Body acceptance.
  • Greater responsibility. Building trust.
  • Safe choices for handling changing emotions/feelings. Emotional Intelligence.
  • Techniques for good decision making. Critical thinking skills.
  • Self Esteem. Individuality. Body Wonderment.
  • Media influence: ‘what’s real’ . Examples of image tweaking.
  • Accurate information. Correct words for parts of the body.
  • Simple diagrams of anatomy.
  • Age appropriate information about the biology of changes occurring at puberty in the reproductive region (production/release of reproductive cell(s), menstruation in girls and erection/ejaculation (wet dream) in boys.
  • Sharing the good things & fears about becoming a grown up.
  • Look at pads, period undies, tampons & cups (including eco friendly options). Talk about the “Old days”. School policy for disposal. (Girls only).
  • Where to go for answers to questions and or fears: People you trust and have the knowledge.
  • An opportunity for questions (we encourage the use of a sealed question box the week leading up to the programme).

Additional content for Yr 7/8

  • Cyber safety: password protection, privacy settings, reporting & more.
  • Additional body image and self esteem work.
  • OK/Not OK : Looking after self activity.
  • Anti-bullying: Media manners.

There are also occasions where we are asked to include information targeting specific issues for a school: i.e. anti-drug awareness (‘huffing’), safe ways to manage stress (addressing self harming issues) etc. In addition we have an ‘add on’ to this Programme if requested: ‘How are babies made’. Please discuss with us at time of inquiry.


The teaching material & media utilised is varied, relevant and constantly updated, including:

  • PowerPoint
  • Interactive group activities
  • Work sheets
  • Illustrations drawn by Kiwi artist
  • Cartoon clips
  • DVD
  • Question & Answer session (Anonymous question box)
  • Girls sample bags with products or vouchers
  • (Boys sample bags available at an additional cost)
  • Homework / Activity Sheet
  • Parents Evening & further resources supplied online
  • Parent access to puberty / body image book recommendations via website
  • Teacher follow-up activities supplied online
  • Linked to the NZ Health Curriculum (Teachers please ask for our document outlining Nest programme links with the NZ Health Curriculum strands, implementation strategies & lesson plans)

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Positive Puberty Plus©: Cost

 2018 Fees

Fees will vary depending on your requirements and are outlined below.

  • Payment is by internet banking, PayPal or cheque.
  • Please note that all in-school and group education packages are quoted exclusive of GST


‘Positive Puberty Plus©’ Programme Costing Guideline: * We are flexible within reason re. the numbers of children in each group with a suggested maximum of 50 & an absolute maximum of 60.

We charge per group not per head.

Initial Parents Evening: $195 (~75 mins)

Tweens Session: 1 group = max. numbers: ~25-30 boys AND ~25-30 girls

  • 1 group $400 (indicative of $6.67 / student) plus Parents Evening $595.00 + GST
  • 2 groups $800 (indicative of $6.67 / student) plus Parents Evening $995.00 + GST
  • 3 groups $1200 (indicative of $6.67 / student) plus Parents Evening $1395.00 + GST

If the venue is outside of a city centre by more than 40 km there may be specific booking Terms / Weeks and/or cost neg. due to travel/accommodation allowance: please contact us to discuss.

Please ensure cancellations are made with at least 48 hours notice to avoid a 50 – 100% charge