Body Talk ©

Are you are looking for a programme or a presentation to provide information, discussion & tools to deal with body image, body wonderment, media & social influences, celebrating body diversity & body trust? Body Talk© is designed to address the increasing pressures on tweens & teens to look ‘perfect’. It is run as a a day programme/workshop or as a series of classes. Impact elements of the programme are also packaged as a 1 hour/90 mins presentation. We have programmes for unisex groups or, if preferred, more targeted towards an all girls group or an all boys group.

Your preferred provider, now NZ-wide! Our Educators are qualified as facilitators of the Dove self esteem programme, the Butterfly Foundation body esteem programme & the NZ Nourish body image & media awareness programme.

Body Talk© is a programme; inspired by NZ’s EDEN ‘Nourish’, Australia’s Butterfly Foundation ‘Free to BE’ & UK’s Dove Self Esteem & Body Image projects, designed to assist young people to:

  • Understand & deal with thoughts & feelings about physical appearance
  • Examine influences on body image with a particular focus on the media
  • Practice listening to & appreciating their bodies
  • Enhance communication, active listening and relationship building skills
  • Learn about body trust & the dangers of dieting
  • Celebrate diversity in themselves & others
  • Identify ways to create “body-safe” environments

Currently young people are faced with more pressure to look “perfect” than at any other time. It is vital to combat this pressure by providing young people with information, alternative perspectives & tools for change.

It promotes:

  • body confidence
  • self esteem
  • critical thinking
  • body satisfaction
  • body diversity
  • positive body image
  • body trust
  • anti-bullying and support strategies

This Programme is deliberately NOT about eating disorders, weight or food pyramids, but rather seeks to move EDEN’s ‘LOVE YOUR BODY’, Butterfly Foundation’s ‘Free to BE’  and Dove’s ‘BE REAL’ concepts into action.

Through creative activities, discussions, DVD, images and worksheets, students are able to explore these issues in a variety of learning styles. It is designed to lead young people through an engaging, holistic, optimistic & exciting journey to body confidence.


We are able to work with individual schools to establish a unique programme. Many schools run a Yr 7 Positive Puberty Plus© programme and a Yr 8 Body Talk© programme including a puberty recap.

Subjects covered:

Influences on Body Image:

  • What influences Body Image
  • Changing ideas over time
  • Cultural differences

Critical Media Literacy

  • Stereotypical images of attractiveness
  • Viewing the media critically
  • Social Media challenges

Breaking the Mould

  • Stereotypical assumptions
  • Role Models
  • Appearance Bullying
  • Diversity
  • Body Wonderment
  • Body Image
  • Self Esteem
  • Kindness & Gratitude

Dieting and Body Trust

  • Internal & External Clues
  • Body Trust
  • More than Nutrition
  • BMI Myth Busting
  • Health at every size

Taking up Space

  • Making new moulds
  • Spreading the love
  • How to promote positive body image

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Body Talk©: Cost

Components of the course are incorporated age appropriately into all of our in-school Programmes.

Courses are offered in several formats to fit your timetable:

  • Day programme / Workshop – $450 for up to 50 students (absolute max 60)
  • 3 – 4 hr workshop
  • Weekly short class for 4 weeks
  • Components chosen to form a one off class (1 hr – 75 mins)

Fees will vary depending on your requirements and are outlined below.

  • Payment is by internet banking, PayPal, cash or cheque.
  • Please note that all in-school and group education packages are quoted exclusive of GST

Programme Cost guideline: $ upon application (dependent on class numbers and number of classes to be delivered)

Max. number in each class = as discussed with school

Please ask for a quote which will depend on the specifics of the programme / number of students / length of each programme

If the venue is outside of Auckland &/or a city centre by more than 40 km there may be specific booking Terms / Weeks and/or cost neg. due to travel/accommodation allowance: please contact us to discuss.

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