Internet Safety & Media Manners

Information included:

* What’s going on in NZ, cyberwise

* Positive aspects of being online

* Setting up a cybersafe house & managing risks – parental controls & tips for protection

* Screentime / Age limits & Accessibility

* Cellphones & Apps

* Streaming

* Gaming

* Social Media

* Online bullying / Trolls & Haters

* Privacy & Information Security / Scams

* Inappropriate content/images online / Nudes & Sexting

* Internet & Digital Citizenship / Etiquette online

* When things go wrong 

* Resources


“The Facilitator was engaging, informative and kept the attention of the crowd, keeping on topic. Fantastic!”

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“…was fantastic and we will definitely get Nest in again to work with the school and happy to recommend to other local schools. Thank you”

“The content was extremely helpful for our community”

“The Presenter was extremely professional and knowledgeable”