Sensitive Subjects ©

Are you looking for a thought provoking health programme designed to stimulate discussion & reasoning skills along with increasing emotional intelligence? Nest Consulting provide work shops for all year levels on topical and sensitive issues.
By providing a safe, non-judgemental space young people are guided to seek information, challenge ideas and find resources.

Your preferred Provider for in-school education (also available for Youth Groups).

The Programme includes information, activities and facilitated discussion about provocative and potentially inflammatory topics related to sexuality, body image, social media, cyber safety, on-line imagery (pornography), conception, contraception, teen lifestyle & beliefs including friendship and respectful relationships. Upon booking Nest will connect with your own school supports and resources as well as supplying contacts to students at the class. Nest support schools in ensuring a safe school culture and are available for assistance in formulating policy and procedure.
All Nest Educators are trained in responding to disclosures and will enquire and adhere to school policy and procedure.

Usually based over 1 – 2 lessons or as a day long programme. Max. no. of students per class = 35-60 dependent on class structure required.

Topics are variable & can include:

Forming friendships. Communication. Active listening. Media Manners & Cyber safety

Anti-bullying. Relationships. Expression. Making new connections

An understanding of ‘Consent’. NZ Teen Culture

Pornography – Why it’s an issue


IVF/Assisted Reproductive Technologies


Teen parenthood

Perceptions around body image, the BMI & diversity – promoting body wonderment/neutrality

Sexuality / Gender / Sexual identity / Attraction / Diversity / Expression

Respectful relationships: Healthy – Unhealthy – Abusive

Other potentially provocative sexuality/fertility/health/relationship related issues

In addition we are happy to construct a programme to meet your requirements OR we can connect you with another provider i.e. Emotional Intelligence programmes, mindfulness programmes, babysitter programmes, yoga for schools, first aid etc.

Handled sensitively by our skilled facilitator(s) and designed to be thought provoking. Interactive, group activity, discussion and take home literature.
Engaging and topical.

Age appropriately designed for Yr 5/6, Yr 7/8 and teens at High School; fitting with Health & Ethics. Classes designed to fit your school timetable. Let us work with you to input additional information and resources to  a topic of your choice.

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Sensitive Subjects©: Cost

Fees will vary depending on your requirements and are outlined below.

  • Payment is by internet banking, PayPal, cash or cheque.
  • Please note that all in-school and group education packages are quoted exclusive of GST

Programme Cost guideline: $ upon application (dependent on class numbers and number of classes to be delivered)

Programme can be delivered in one class or over a set number of classes.

Max. number in each class = as discussed with school

Please ask for a quote which will depend on the specifics of the programme / number of students / length of each programme

If the venue is outside of Auckland &/or a city centre by more than 40 km there may be specific booking Terms / Weeks and/or cost neg. due to travel/accommodation allowance: please contact us to discuss.

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Call or email for more information or to book.