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‘Let’s Talk Periods!!’
Are you looking for a Programme to empower young people, increase their confidence and self awareness, develop an understanding of what their body is telling them & explain why it’s important to listen to it!? Learning about the menstrual cycle and how to manage periods, along side other aspects of puberty is crucial. As is a knowledge of fertility & menopause. This programme can be run as a school programme (2/3 day) or in the community including caregivers; designed to strengthen relationships and understanding.
Much of this information is incorporated into our Positive Puberty / Plus© full day programme, delivered to all, regardless of sex/gender.

Your prefered provider for in-school education (also available for youth groups). NZ-wide!

Cycle Smarter© is a short programme enabling young people to understand the changes at puberty, menarche & menopause and, if delivered to older students, the value of fertility awareness. It is suitable for  Yr 4 – Yr 13 with the exact content adjusted to suit the age group. Through the lens of the Hauora approach, the programme is about achieving an understanding of body, emotion and mind pubertal changes with reference to spiritual and cultural significances. The reproductive systems, the menstrual cycle, fertility with its relationship to the menstrual cycle, normal & abnormal cyclical symptoms, peri-menopause/menopause awareness & the choices of period products (including environmentally friendly & reusable items) are just some of the topics covered. Young people will gain skills and confidence, access resources and be directed to period products, particularly if not available at home.
When including a caregiver (Mother, Aunt, GrandMother etc) stories and experiences can be shared and celebrated.

It includes:

  • Your amazing body 🙂
  • Physical / Emotional / Psychological / Sociological elements of puberty & change including cultural diversity
  • Overview of reproductive anatomy
  • Menarche & Periods – When/Why/How
  • Managing your Menstrual Cycle – recording, observing & understanding
  • Periods! Everything you need to know
  • Menstruation & Products (incl. organic options, disposable pads, washable pads, tampons, internal cups, washable undies)
  • How to access period products
  • Hormones
  • Irregular cycles / Anovulation / Pain – & when/how to take action
  • Ovulation
  • Dependent on group / age: Natural fertility signs (mucus, sensation, temperature & cervical position)
  • PMS (see article here)
  • Peri-menopause / Menopause awareness
  • Dependent on group / age: Assessing gynaecological & fertility health (including information about Endometriosis / PCOS)
  • Dependent on group / age: Charting or recording cycles (incl. apps)


  • Knowledge and understanding whilst addressing fears & correcting myths
  • Strategies to reduce period stigma and period poverty
  • Providing an excellent tool to assist young people of all ages in assessing their gynaecological and fertility health (age appropriate information given)
  • Understanding & dealing with effects of changing hormones
  • Awareness of the observation of fertility signs experienced during the menstrual cycle (age appropriate information given)
  • Preparation and information – knowing where to find additional resources
  • Empowerment & informed choices.
  • Self esteem
  • Good body image

Often times the junior version of this programme is delivered to Yr 4 &/or Yr 5 whilst Yr Yr 5 &/or Yr 6 receive our Positive Puberty Plus© programme.
Maximum number of students per class = please enquire

If you would like ‘add ons’ to this programme (covering additional related topics) please see our ‘Teen Talks© Programme’ (designed for Yr 8 – Yr 13).

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