Nest Consulting provide topical, evidence based, health & wellbeing focussed information NZ-wide through: corporate workplace events, in-school education programmes/classes, parent/whanau info evenings, community information sessions, health professionals CME and teachers PD.
Nest is also happy to construct a programme for your needs –  and the content of our advertised programmes can be modified as determined by each group’s community and ‘special character’

Nest is experienced in working with students (and the parents of) who have additional needs or disability and utilise a facilitator who is familiar with NZ sign language. Nest’s programmes have been signed on many occasions and, with the assistance of Blind Low Vision NZ, has translated its puberty programme into braille.
OR – Nest can connect you with another provider. i.e. Emotional Intelligence programmes, mindfulness programmes, babysitter programmes, yoga for schools, first aid etc..