‘Check Up / Check In’ – Women’s Health Workshop

Women have unique health needs that change throughout their lives. Our qualified presenter will provide information about the following topics including any screenings or examinations a woman might need as a healthy adult.

Staying healthy at every age: 20s & 30s / 40s & 50s  / over 60

Including any or all of the following

Hormonal/reproductive/sexual health through the ages – Periods, Fertility, Safe checks (STI & Cervical Smear), Peri-Menopause & Managing Menopause

Skin health

Eye/Ear/Dental health

Immunisations & Supplements

Mental/Emotional health


Heart health (Blood pressure / Cholesterol)


Colorectal health

Breast health

Bone health

Our 2.5 hour interactive Women’s Health Talk encourages the women in your workplace to take a more proactive approach to their health and wellbeing. It’s a fun session and is designed to leave a lasting impression on those attending. The facilitator provides information about topics relevant to all women (or can focus more on particular topics or age ranges as advised) including any screenings or examinations a woman might need as a healthy adult.It’s a great fit for a variety of workplace, conference, and community group situations, including workers, business managers, health providers, and interest groups. We can run the talk during your business hours, or as an after work event.

Please enquire (our rates are reflective of corporate / small business / not for profit structures)

Book your ‘Check up / Check in’ – Women’s Health Talk for a healthier more productive workforce.

Flexible content to suit your audience

Available both during and after work hours

Includes Q+A 

Presented by a qualified health professionals

Includes additional evidence based further resources (web-links, Ted Talks,  webinars, pamphlets)

Workplace policy advise