Professional Development Teachers

Empowering Educators in Evidence-Based Practice: Professional Learning (PLD) to assist your school/kura to serve the community.
Nest Consulting offer its unique cross-sector learning to school leaders and Communities of Learning/Kāhui Ako where it fits the Ministry of Education’s priorities and criteria.

Nest has access to: Nurse. Clinical Advisor. NFNZ Accredited Educator. NFNZ Accredited CME Provider. Consultant. In-School Sexuality Education Provider. CDfG Accredited Facilitator. Primary School Teacher. Social Worker. Researcher. Writer. Public Speaker. Youth Advisor

Nest runs programmes & workshops and is also happy to create initiatives as commissioned (from multi-agency and multi-school environments, through to helping leaders with single-issue projects).  Let us know your requirements / queries here.

These programmes/workshops are suitable for classroom teachers , RTLBs, school leaders & Boards wanting to build their knowledge, practice and learn more about Relationship & Sexuality topics, Sexual Violence Prevention information & a safe disclosures practice.

Creation and delivery of professional development programmes for Teachers – We scope the work alongside you, find the right cross-sector experts to support with your needs and help to create positive change.

Topics delivered to date:

  • Relationships & Sexuality education (RSE)
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Puberty – up skilling for teachers
  • Menstruation and period products – Period Poverty instruction
  • Child Sexual Development
  • Disability and Sexuality
  • Celebrating Diversity (Understanding – Sexuality / Gender / Sexual identity / Attraction /Expression / Pronouns)
  • NZ Health and Physical Education Guidelines / Community Consultation
  • Cyber safety / Managing Digital Technologies
  • Emotional Intelligence Education
  • Tweens / Teens / Adolescence
  • Getting ready for ‘adulting’ & Teenage Culture
  • Respectful Relationship Education & Consent
  • How to Manage Disclosures
  • Pornography & Sexting Concerns
  • Vaping Concerns
  • Understanding peri/menopause – in the workplace