Our Kaupapa

(kaupapa: a set of values, principles and plans which have been agreed on as a foundation for our actions.)

Nest Consulting has a focus on health and wellbeing. We’re passionate about community; walking alongside individuals, parents, professionals and young people, recognising that every future grows stronger utilising Education, Inspiration, Motivation, Information.

Our world is secure when we are connected and belong, are listened to and heard, feel safe and are accepted, are respected as individuals, are challenged, are provided resources, have access to education, are able to make informed decisions and feel empowered.

Established in 2008 by Robyn Fausett, with a growing staff, Nest Consulting holds a number of contracts in the health and wellbeing sector and also develops and delivers innovative, fun and accessible programmes nationwide.

Our vision is

‘To enhance awareness, appreciation & knowledge of our selves, achieving empowerment, informed choices & acceptance through equitable education, understanding & support’

We Provide:

  • Project Coordinators and Project Management for health, education, employment and community projects aimed at youth, adult, women’s, mother and child, family and/or mental health sector.
  • In-school education programmes: Sexuality (including puberty), Respectful Relationships, Sexual Violence Prevention, Anti-Bullying, Body Image & Self esteem, Cyber Awareness/Media Manners, Respect for our Environment with a focus on waste free living,  – Nest are one of the largest health and wellbeing curriculum providers in NZ schools.
  • Clinical Consultation for proposals, new service start-ups, SOPs /protocols, clinical pathways, assessment tools, report writing, staff recruitment/management, RFP responses & grant application writing.
  • Research, clinical advice, facilitation and programme coordination.
  • Community Education / Group Talks (ie. ‘Managing Menopause’)
  • Corporate Wellness Events (ie. ‘Check In Check Up’ – Women’s Wellness)
  • Natural Fertility Education for Women and Couples
  • Continuing Medical Education provider (CME) for health care professionals
  • Resources for young people
  • Resources for Teachers
  • Resources for Parents
  • Connections to the community
  • Educators / Facilitators / Assessors / Training Trainers
  • Programme Creation as commissioned
  • Speaker / Media Opinion
  • Published Author