Vulnerable Children’s act

As a provider that works with children (and vulnerable adults) Nest Consulting has developed a Protection Policy.
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Upon booking an in-school sexuality education programme Nest will connect with current  school supports and resources (i.e. school counsellor / SWiS etc) as well as supplying any relevant support/resource contacts to students at the class. In addition there are supports listed on our website, found on the Home page under ‘In-school Education’ under ‘Parents Resources’ or ‘Teacher Resources’ under various labeled drop downs.
Nest support schools in ensuring a safe school culture and are available for assistance in formulating policy and procedure.
All Nest Educators are trained in responding to disclosures and will enquire and adhere to school policy and procedure.

Within Nest’s Policy there is a simple yet robust recruitment process that involves.


Nest’s recruitment process includes the following:

  • Creating a role description;
  • Identification check (through RealMe);
  • Following up on referees;
  • Interviewing; and
  • Screening (e.g. police vetting, criminal record check).

Risk assessment/organisation health check

Identifying and managing risk

Promoting good practice

Training :

Utilising seminars provided by a partnership between Ministry of Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki and Child Matters. “Working Together for Vulnerable Kids”

Providing access to advice and support

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Nest Consulting meets its obligations and duties under the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014 to protect vulnerable children and help them thrive, achieve and belong.

While there is no current legal requirement for Nest Consulting to use the guidelines, Nest Consulting show our commitment to the safety of children by adopting the more vigilant practices described in them. Whether their care comes from the government, private or non-profit sectors, all children deserve the same level of safety, respect and protection. In accordance with the spirit of partnership and cooperation outlined in the White Paper and Children’s Action Plan Nest Consulting have formed their Policy.

Nest Consulting support a culture of child protection which is one that is open and accountable, understands the needs of children, and makes their safety and security a priority.