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Are you looking for a holistic, thought provoking, informative & empowering healthy self & healthy relationships programme for teens?

Your preferred provider for in-school education Yr 8 -13 (also available for Youth Groups). NZ-wide!

The programme is outlined below however can be tailored to the needs/requirements of each group. Topics can be included or excluded. The Educator does not give opinions or favour any choices offered. It is a safe, sensitive and factual programme.

‘Teen Talks©’ is a holistic programme designed to provide accurate, up to date information for personal development, informed choices & good decision making. It is thought provoking and empowering.

This programme covers the following & more. It is a pick and mix programme designed to be individualised for each school/group.

Some components you may choose to include are:
Understanding a healthy relationship / recognising unhealthy relationships and abusive relationships (sexual violence prevention)

Safe choices for handling changing emotions/feelings. Emotional intelligence & healthy communication including how to ‘break up’ respectfully

Techniques for good decision making. Critical thinking skills. Supporting each other & being an up-stander

The meaning & understanding of ‘consent’ including NZ Law

Sexuality, sex, gender, identity, attraction, diversity

Media awareness & responsibility: Issues such as internet porn & understanding sexting dangers.

Sexual health and responsibility

‘Taking care of me’ Personal healthcare: Gynae exam / Cervical Screening / Breast exam information  / Testicular exam information

Fertility awareness: an understanding of the reproductive systems. (the menstrual cycle; its relationship to fertility & normal cyclical  symptoms all the way through to peri-menopause & menopause).

  • Understanding the reproductive anatomy
  • Hormones & Fertility
  • Ovulation & Fertilisation : Combined male/female fertility patterns
  • Fertility decline and pre-conceptual importance
  • PMS , PCOS & Endometriosis info

Implications of teenage pregnancy

Family Planning: Making informed decisions, ‘What’s on the market?’: Factual information about contraception (% Effectiveness / How they work (mechanics) / Side Effects):
– Abstinence
– Natural Family Planning (Sympyto-Thermal – – Method, Lactational Amenorrhoea Method & Billings)
– Barrier Methods – Condoms / Internal condoms / Diaphragm & Caps
– Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives – LARCs –  (Hormone IUDs, Copper IUD & Implanon )
– Hormonal Methods – The Pill: Combined (OCP) & Progesterone only (POP)
– Vaginal Ring / Patch (not currently available in NZ)
– Diaphragm
– Female Condom
– IUD (Copper and hormonal)
– Spermicides
– The Sponge
– Withdrawal & other ineffective options
– Tubal Ligation
– Vasectomy

The Emergency ‘Contraception’ (Pill & IUD) information

STIs : What are they, how to avoid, testing, what to do if diagnosed

Always finishing with ‘Confidence, Empowerment and Body Wonderment’.

The programme is a mixture of PowerPoint, DVD clips, discussion, group activity and presentation dependent on class size and time allowed.

Parents Evening available if required: Permission forms & take home literature supplied.
Dependent on preference: actual contraceptive sample items or pictures of items are utilised throughout.

The ‘Teen Talks©’ Programme is offered, age appropriately, to Yr 8 – Yr 13. Resources and follow up activities supplied.

This programme has the option of including a Parents / Whanau Information Evening (75 mins). In addition – Nest run Parent/Community Info Evenings on any of the above topics.


“An informative lesson for our Year 10 girls based at just the right level to have them engaged and responding. Excellent work and we will see you next year!” DP Central Auckland Catholic Girls School

“My class learnt about types of contraception and how they work. We also found out about what our body is telling us naturally. It was really fascinating and made us think. I particularly enjoyed seeing the video clips and the womens health care items you brought in. Thank you from the class.” Yr 11 Student

“An excellent class covering many important aspects. Pitched perfectly for our Year 10’s; they were involved, focused and able to take away valuable information. We have already booked for next year!” Pastoral Care Coordinator. Pinehurst College

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