Teen Talks ©

Are you looking for a holistic, thought provoking, informative & empowering sexuality, fertility & sexual responsibility programme for teen girls/boys?

Your preferred provider for in-school education Yr 9 -13 (also available for Youth Groups). Now NZ-wide!

The programme is outlined below however can be tailored to the needs/requirements of each group. Topics can be included or excluded.The Educator does not give opinions or favour any choices offered. It is a safe, sensitive and factual programme.

The ‘Teen Talks©’ – Fertility Awareness & Responsibility! is a holistic programme designed to provide accurate, up to date information for personal development, informed choices & good decision making. It is thought provoking and empowering.

This programme covers the following & more. It is a pick and mix programme designed to be individualised for each school/group.

It includes:
Discussion as to what a healthy relationship is

Safe choices for handling changing emotions/feelings. Emotional intelligence

Techniques for good decision making. Critical thinking skills

Fertility / Sexual health and Responsibility

‘Taking care of me’ Gynae exam / Breast exam information for girls / Testicular exam information for boys

Implications of teenage pregnancy

Making informed decisions, ‘What’s on the market?’: Factual information about all Family Planning/Contraception (% Effectiveness / How they work (mechanics) / Side    Effects):
– Abstinence
– Natural Family Planning (Sympyto-Thermal – – Method, Lactational Amenorrhoea Method & Billings)
– Condoms
– Long term Hormonal Methods (Depo Provera, Implanon, Jadelle etc)
– The Pill (Combined & Mini, 21 & 28 day)
– Vaginal Ring / Patch (not currently available in NZ)
– Diaphragm
– Female Condom
– IUD (Copper and hormonal)
– Spermicides
– The Sponge
– Withdrawal & other ineffective options
– Tubal Ligation
– Vasectomy
– Future ideas!
Fertility awareness: an understanding of the reproductive systems. (the menstrual cycle; its relationship to fertility & a woman’s normal cyclical  symptoms).

Fertility decline and pre-conceptual importance

Your amazing body 🙂

Overview of reproductive anatomy

Hormones & Fertility

Ovulation & Fertilisation : Combined male/female fertility patterns

PMS (see article here)

Personal values and sexual relationship for the future

The Emergency ‘Contraception’ (Pill & IUD)

STIs : What are they, how to avoid, testing, what to do if diagnosed

The meaning & understanding of ‘consent’

Sexuality, gender, diversity and acceptance

Media Awareness & Responsibility: Issues such as internet porn, responsible communication (Text, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, AskFM etc) & identity safety.

Discussion about sexting dangers.

Dangers/Effects of pornography: discussion and evidence.

Always finishing with ‘Confidence, Empowerment and Body Wonderment’.

The programme is a mixture of PowerPoint, DVD clips, discussion, group activity and presentation dependent on class size and time allowed.

Parents Evening available if required: Permission forms & take home literature supplied.
Dependent on preference: actual contraceptive sample items or pictures of items are utilised throughout.
If discussing ‘Implications of birthing and raising a child’ Egg care activity.


The ‘Teen Talks©’ – Fertility Awareness & Responsibility Programme is offered to teenagers (girls / boys in Yr 10 – Yr 13).


This programme begins with a Parents/Whanau Information Evening (75 mins).

Teen Talks©: Cost

Fees will vary depending on your requirements and are outlined below.

  • Payment is by internet banking, direct banking or PayPal.
  • Please note that all in-school and group education packages are quoted exclusive of GST


Programme cost guideline: Please enquire.

Parents Evening if required: $195

Hours required depend on the chosen Programme contents.

Max. number in each class = negotiable

Please ask for a quote which will depend on the specifics of the programme / number of students / length of each programme

If the venue is outside of a main centre there may be specific Terms/Weeks available &/or an additional accommodation/travel allowance.

Please ensure cancellations are made with at least 48 hours notice to avoid a 50% charge.

Call or email for more information.