Understanding (Peri) Menopause

– 1 HR PRESENTATION AND Q&A  (Face to Face or via Zoom)

Packed full of information, designed for anyone directly and indirectly impacted by peri-menopause (and that’s everybody!), with a focus on the work environment. This presentation/discussion/Q&A is facilitated by Nest’s CEO; Nurse Specialist,  Published Author, and sought after Speaker, Robyn Fausett. She brings her wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver essential & empowering information for staff and management.
By the end of the session you will know the key points of what peri-menopause is, including the wide variety of its affects, some practical tips & tricks to ensure the workspace is ‘menopause friendly’ all with the goal to ensure your team are supported working through this transient life stage.

Recently released results from GP, Linda Dear’s 2023 NZ Menopause Survey of 4,200+ people across Aotearoa highlights that menopause doesn’t stay at home when someone goes to work. 84% of respondents said menopause symptoms impacted their work. Only 14% said they felt well supported at work, 1 in 6 said they thought about quitting and 12% did quit.
Let’s do something about that!

We will also leave behind further resources including assistance in formulating workplace policy and, for anyone interested in a deeper dive, we offer our ‘The M Word’ 2.5 hrs workshop.

Presenter is a qualified women’s health & fertility nurse specialist with a current practicing certificate, a published author, a member of the Australasian Menopause Society (AMS – International Associate) and is also accredited by Natural Fertility NZ (NFNZ). She regularly attends Conferences & Workshops to ensure the latest accurate information is at hand.

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“Robyn provided a relaxed atmosphere & the workshop was very informative throughout
“Great timing for me as I’m starting to experience a few symptoms. So very informative, very knowledgeable and great presenting
“I loved the variety of information and the comedy
“Laughed, cried, laughed some more
“The highlight was the variety of information, especially how to cope at work
“You asked what I got the most out of – everything! So impressed my work put this on
“Well presented with varied information. I found it really valuable
“I am so relieved to now understand the reasons for my symptoms and I feel like I have a plan moving forward
“I got the most out of being able to talk about what can be helpful. I didn’t think I’d ever have the opportunity to actually talk about this openly, especially at work
“Thank you for providing up to date research and information & what I felt was a balanced view of Menopause

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If F2F: BOOK A LARGE VENUE ROOM: Ideally we need a large room with enough space for participants to feel comfortable.

If F2F: REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: You will need to provide the following equipment:
– a screen for a digital presentation including Power Point and DVD clips which require sound. Our facilitator will bring her own laptop and is set up for the following options: a Projector, Smart-board  TV: Apple/Mac screens, HDMI and/or VGA, Apple TV and Chrome casting.

If F2F: CATERING: If you are going to offer catering at the presentation, please be mindful that Nest promote healthy eating. If you need ideas, just ask us! Please provide water.

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