Books to Purchase

There are so many fabulous books available; these are just a few we have read recently & recommend. Scroll down for books on parenting tweens/teens, puberty, body image, sexuality, fertility awareness, speciality books (anxiety, keeping safe) & menopause.

If you would like to purchase click the book picture or title and you will open the Book Depository who offer free delivery world wide. Ordering through Nest’s website will not cost you any more than ordering via Book Depository directly. Nest earn a small commission for every book sold and we use this money to fund initiatives to address period poverty and solve period stigma.

(Most of these books are also available in the Auckland Library system)

We wrote a book! The Kids Will Be All Right is written by Nest’s very own CEO and her daughter, Molly who together created a an amazing resource for parents and caregivers of teens. Filled with up-to-date, evidence-based information, insights, conversation starters and resources to help you navigate and untangle hot topics such as friendships and frenemies; bullying; cyber safety; drinking, vaping and risk-taking behaviour; self-esteem and body image; sexuality; consent and safe relationships; and pornography. It also delves into how to talk about topics such as equity, diversity & intersectionality, modern feminism, climate change, politics and more.  An essential read!

Periods & Fertility Awareness

Books specifically about periods - the first 2 books listed are aimed at the younger market - the final 2 books cover menstrual cycle awareness and fertility tracking (the first for teens and the second for adults)