Books to Purchase

There are so many fabulous books available; these are just a few we have read recently & recommend. Scroll down for books on parenting tweens/teens, puberty, body image, sexuality, fertility awareness, speciality books (anxiety, keeping safe) & menopause.

If you would like to read more about the content or purchase, click the book picture or title. If you purchase through the links provided Nest earn a small commission for every book sold – we use this money to fund initiatives to address period poverty and solve period stigma.

(Most of these books are also available through the Library)

We wrote a book! The Kids Will Be All Right is written by Nest’s very own CEO and her daughter, Molly who together created a an amazing resource for parents and caregivers of teens. Filled with up-to-date, evidence-based information, insights, conversation starters and resources to help you navigate and untangle hot topics such as friendships and frenemies; bullying; cyber safety; drinking, vaping and risk-taking behaviour; self-esteem and body image; sexuality; consent and safe relationships; and pornography. It also delves into how to talk about topics such as equity, diversity & intersectionality, modern feminism, climate change, politics and more.  An essential read!