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Charity, The Period Place, hopes to raise funds for 10,000 periods during lockdown – Nest donates period info brochures

Periods don’t stop during a pandemic and a charity hopes to raise enough funds to provide 10,000 period relief packs to women’s refuges and maraes across the country.

The Period Place, a charity which aims to end period stigma, provide education on periods and better access to period products, have started up a Givealittle page to help raise money for the relief packs.

The packs provide two packets of regular pads and a brochure, written by Nest Consulting, about periods as well as more information on how to contact The Period Place for more products. One period pack was $10. 

Published by Stuff (April 13 2020)

Nest in India

Nest in India 🇮🇳 
So humbled to be invited to hear more about, and contribute thoughts & products to, this cause. Spending time talking about period poverty, period management, period stigma 🩸 and current projects addressing education 🏫 for girls. To see the excitement once the shyness gives way to curiosity is the best! We are utilising the awesome Menstrupedia comic which is an initiative from India and now translated into various languages. Also, many thanks to ‘Reality Tours’ – an ethical and educational tour provider whose aim is to break down the negative stereotypes associated with the slums. Through their guidance we were able to visit the local schools, medical centre and homes. 
Can’t recommend these guys highly enough – 80% of the profits from every tour is invested back into the community through the programs of their NGO, ‘Reality Gives’, with the tour guides having grown up in these communities. 
(Out of respect, privacy and courtesy no photos were taken within the Sanjay colony)

Nest in India

Nest in India 🇮🇳 
Today Nest was at Sheroes Hangout
This cafe is a center for activism for various kinds of campaigns, primarily the awful act of acid attacks on girls and women. Most of the staff are survivors of such an attack.
It is astounding that women who have seen such adversity in their lives are still so open to helping others 💞 Nest were privileged to hang out with many of those working their shift today who took the time to sit and talk all things periods 🩸 In India there is great stigma and poverty in regards to menstruation so this conversation was brave (especially as our awesome translator was male!) We talked and laughed and learnt together (once it was gals only!). The products and educational guides Nest left will be explained to & given to local schools and community. 
So much enthusiasm for the menstrual cups and a little disbelief about the washable menstrual undies! 
All products given were environmentally friendly &/or reusable 🙂 
Sheroes’ Hangout Café is an entrepreneurial project of the Stop Acid Attacks team for acid attack survivors. The model is designed that the acid attack survivors can cultivate skills in themselves based on the already possessed inventories of each survivor, gain confidence and move forward with skills and acceptance. Most acid attack survivors are between 12-20 years so their education and career is greatly harmed. With this entrepreneurial project their schooling/careers can be regenerated so they can go on to earn a livelihood. 
This place includes a cafe which serves some lip smacking snacks, a library that has been set up through contributions, a section for handicrafts and a boutique.
To read more about Stop Acid Attacks campaign, the Sheree’s’ cafes, these incredible women, the amazing men who instigated the project and the work they do go here: