How to talk to your teen about body image

Teenagers these days worry about how to measure up in a world where their social currency is measured by likes and followers. In this extract from their new book, The Kids Will Be Alright, parenting expert Robyn Fausett and daughter Molly, 24, talk about how to raise body-confident teens.

“…A positive body image has broader additional benefits. The ultimate aim is that your teen accepts themselves and is comfortable in their own skin. This in turn means they are able to “be themselves” in every way.”

“…Body image is influenced by feelings. It’s all about self-perception; you don’t have to believe everything you feel.”

“… Another way that people are starting to think about bodies is by not thinking about them (in regards to appearance, anyway). This is known as body neutrality. Instead of focusing on how your body appears, body neutrality puts a spotlight on all the things your body can do or allows you to be able to do.”

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“…Self-esteem accounts for the way we see ourselves as a whole person, including our values. Research across various age groups consistently demonstrates that higher self-esteem is linked to a more positive body image.

It’s likely that if you can help your teen build their self-esteem, any body image issues will also be positively impacted….”

Published in The Herald
24 July 2022