Post Pill & Fertility

Fertility After Oral Contraception

Chemical contraceptives can affect normal fertility for some time after they have been stopped and can mask undiagnosed infertility by regulating menstrual cycles.

Irregularities as cycles re establish after stopping the Pill usually disappear by the sixth cycle. Women with persistent problems or who are trying to conceive and are not pregnant after three or four cycles of appropriately timed intercourse should see their doctor or specialist.

Some common irregularities are:

  • Delayed ovulation
  • Prolonged mucus episodes
  • Persistent vaginal discharges.
  • Prolonged follicular phases
  • Atypical mucus episodes, delays in ovulation
  • Shortened luteal phases
  • Prolonged amenorrhoea (no periods).
  • So whether you are stopping the Pill for a more natural method of contraception or to acheive a pregnancy schedule an appointment with Nest Consulting today.