Trying to Conceive

Are you Trying To Conceive (TTC)? Do you want to optimize your chances of conceiving a baby naturally?
1 in 5 NZ couples are believed to have difficulties conceiving.

Did you know that a study of women attending a NZ fertility clinic showed that 74% of women had an inadequate understanding of their fertility? Furthermore, only 15% were consciously and accurately timing intercourse to maximize conception. More recently studies in Canada and the United Kingdom have strongly recommended that more information on fertility be made available to individuals and couples. By learning to recognize when you are most fertile, the STM will increase your chances of conceiving naturally. For some women it is empowering to understand their fertility more fully and for others the information gained is valuable before, during or after any other fertility investigations are done.

Did you know that conception is only possible for a few days each month? In many cases the knowledge gained by a couple who understand their own fertility can help them to succeed in becoming pregnant.

Did you know that the chances of a fertile couple getting pregnant in any one menstrual cycle is only 20-25% so it is not surprising becoming pregnant can take time.

Learning Fertility Awareness can cut down this time substantially with research stating that ‘from those couples who use fertility awareness to time intercourse correctly, 80% will be pregnant after 6 cycles, with 90% conceiving within 1 year’.

This course is suitable for those who want to:

  • Feel more in control of their fertility & pregnancy planning
  • Time a pregnancy to suit their lifestyle or specific needs
  • Check their fertility prior to TTC
  • Achieve a pregnancy after a time of unsuccessful “trying”
  • Time intercourse to maximise changes of pregnancy where there is a low sperm count
  • Time insemination’s incl. gay couples arranging sperm donation
  • Maximise their chances of pregnancy in a short or specific time frame because of:

  • Endometriosis / polycystic ovary surgery
  • Advancing biological clock
  • Couples separated due to work commitments (eg: service personnel such as army/navy/athletes/shift workers)