Rebecca Gaelic shaves head for better understanding of Body Image Issues

As advertised in the latest AKO – The Journal for Education Professionals 💖👨🏼‍🎓 Rebecca Gaelic who, frustrated with the representation of women’s bodies in marketing and a lifetime of social instruction that a woman’s appearance constitutes some fundamental part of her worth, decided to shave her hair. The prospect was terrifying in a way that it didn’t need to be. Her overwhelming thought was ‘Could things be different for young kiwis today?’

In a scramble to see what resources where available, she found Nest Consulting and their Body Talk© programme. With their support, Rebecca confronted her fear, shaved her hair, and raised enough, through a ‘Give a Little campaign’ to sponsor 2x Body Talk programmes.

Dedicated with hope for the future of body image and representation. ‘Too many of our young people are becoming trapped in the social media world of images that aren’t even real, are stereotypical and don’t reflect our society. Too many young people are comparing themselves rather than embracing their uniqueness. Too many young people are lacking in confidence and struggling with anxiety (especially around puberty). Body Talk© offers an opportunity to really understand health as opposed to size and shape, learn how to critically analyse media & discuss how social media affects sense of self. It also challenges young people to look to the future and their impact on it – we look at various role models, campaigns and movements dedicated to changing the negative impacts of poor body image and examine how each of us can become representatives of self confidence, caring and respectful humans. Gratitude..Emotional Intelligence ..Kindness..
After all, our bodies are instruments to get things done not ornaments to look at!’

Nest gave away x2 Body Talk© Programmes.
Body Talk© is a programme designed to assist our young people in understanding body image and self esteem in order for them to embrace body and mind wellness.