What is Natural Fertility?

What is Natural Fertility?

Natural Fertility is the science and art of managing fertility by observing and utilising the changes in a woman’s body which occur quite naturally each cycle; it is the understanding of fertility symptoms and the recognition of their implications. At Nest Consulting, we teach the sympto-thermal method (STM) of natural fertility management. STM is a modern, scientifically based, medically endorsed, drug free, environmentally and body friendly method.

Fertility Awareness allows a woman (and her partner) to develop an awareness of the changes in her body indicating fertile and infertile times within her cycle. Fertility Awareness is about observing the relationship between fertility and the menstrual cycle; allowing an understanding of when she/they are able to achieve a pregnancy and when she/they are able to avoid conception. Therefore, Natural Fertility – Fertility Awareness can be utilised as a natural form of family planning (avoidance of conception) and for spacing between children or as a method to enhance the likelihood of achieving a pregnancy each cycle whilst identifying certain fertility issues if present.

In teaching the link between fertility and the menstrual cycle women and their partners can:

  • Accurately target their days of fertility each cycle to increase their chances of conceiving per cycle (this can be as few as 2 days or as many as 6 days)
  • Quickly alert themselves to potential fertility issues
  • Utilise a safe, reliable, drug free method for avoiding conception / family planning

Knowing when you are most fertile can help you plan a baby, as well as avoid conception. So Natural Family Planning can offer help to couples who are having difficulty conceiving.

Natural Fertility Planning is Safe and Effective International research shows that the latest methods of Natural Family Planning are as safe as the mini pill (98% effective).

The Method Involves Carefully Recording:

  • Cervical mucus symptoms
  • Basal body temperature
  • Changes in the cervix

Effectiveness Depends On:

  • The cooperation of both partners
  • Supervision in the early stages
  • Instruction by a trained educator
  • Ongoing motivation

Nest Consulting have the services of an Accredited Natural Fertility New Zealand (NFNZ) Educator:

Natural Fertility New Zealand Incorporated (NFNZ) is a national organisation of trained and continuously up-dated Fertility Educators who have undergone an extensive training programme in natural fertility management.

Fertility Educators provide education on fertility awareness and teach natural fertility management to individuals, couples, medical and health professionals.
The sympto-thermal method of natural contraception taught by Natural Fertility NZ Accredited Educators is a scientifically proven method backed by international studies, and supported by their Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.
The method involves a woman recognising her fertile time by observing and understanding her bodily signs and avoiding intercourse on fertile days.

NFNZ believe there are two reasons are believed to be behind the current increase in interest in natural family planning methods:

  • A swing away from hormonal contraceptives by women wanting a more natural and healthy lifestyle
  • The greater effectiveness of modern natural methods.

Natural Fertility NZ calls for shared responsibility and decision-making which means that women are no longer burdened with the sole responsibility for contraception.
For the Empowerment of Women through Effective Education Natural Fertility Management Helps Couples
To understand their fertility as a couple
To share responsibility
To communicate
To make informed decisions
To feel confident

NFNZ Educators also provide group education for schools and community groups and Continuing Medical Education (CME points) for medical and health professionals. They are recognised by the Midwifery Council of New Zealand for CME elective points and provide the fertility awareness component of the Sexual Health Workers training for NZ Family Planning.

NFNZ accredited Educators are Committed to:

  • Being nationally consistent
  • Empowering women
  • Supporting individuals and couples
  • Supporting families
  • Respecting the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Focusing on fertility awareness and natural fertility management
  • Using scientifically reliable procedures
  • Providing value for money
  • Promoting good health