Uncharted territory!

Read the latest from Essential Mum’s blogger: Melody McCabe with comments from our very own NFNZ Accredited Educator, Robyn Fausett RGN. If you are having issues getting pregnant or if you don’t want to wait out the ‘try for a year’ policy that some GPs advice contact us and check your fertility naturally & quickly.


We also occasionally suggest the use of ovulation sticks (that you pee on!) however sometimes this can be costly, especially if your cycle is such that you don’t know when to start monitoring from. Also, learning to chart means so much more than being aware of your ovulation time. Learning to chart is a lifelong tool: use to check fertility, to acheive pregnancy, to monitor gynae health, to avoid pregnancy, to monitor fertility whilst breastfeeding and throughout the peri-menopausal stage of life.

Our recommendation is to learn one to one (with your partner if willing) from an accredited Educator over three sessions and then once you have all the information tailored for your own cycle and circumstances move forward autonomously and confidently using either pen and paper (for those technophobes!!) or go on to utilise a phone or computer app! This way you learn a lifelong skill with a good understanding of what your body is telling you and why!