To Conceive: Cost

Nest Consulting offers you a programme of private, individual consultations via Zoom or at your own home (daytime, evening or weekends). Couples are encouraged to attend together, although this is not imperative.

Trying to Conceive: This package consists of

  • 3 consultations
  • take home material
  • follow-up/support phone calls as necessary.

The first consultation is generally just over an hour long and the following consultations are between 3/4 hr and an hour in length. Consultations are held over a 2 – 4 month timeframe.

Total fee paid up front $350 (+$100)

Total fee paid by instalments $150 + $110 + $110

Incl. GST

Please ensure cancellations are made with at least 48 hours notice to avoid a 50% charge

Refunds unavailable on package fees (appointments to be utilised within a year of contact)

Call or email for more information or to book your complimentary initial phone call.