Mothers & Daughters

A Celebration Day for Girls

A Celebration Day for Girls is a one-day workshop for 10-12 years old girls with their mother or female carer. This carefully crafted workshop was designed by Jane Bennett to support girls and mothers at this special threshold in both their lives, and to provide an affirming, grounded and connected celebration of the journey to womanhood.

At the Celebration Day girls enjoy lively discussion, fun activities, women’s stories and gentle celebration of the magical threshold of puberty and menarche.

During the Day girls are warmly invited into the time-honoured, nurturing connection and support women have long shared with each other. Many participants report that their mother-daughter relationship is enriched and enlivened as the doors of communication in this key area of female experience and development are opened wide.

The first part of the day is spent with girls on their own (typically 10am – 1pm) and, just before lunch, the mothers/female carers join in for the remainder of the day (and grandmothers who are available and wish to participate), finishing at about 4pm.

For Mothers

Much of the role of provider of information, wisdom and guidance falls, naturally and rewardingly, to mothers and female carers. For this reason we meet on our own (mothers and facilitator) for a two-hour session before the Celebration Day. This is an important preparation for the Day and allows time for adult conversation and storytelling. During this session mothers commonly receive ideas and support for their unfolding mother-daughter relationship as they journey the adolescent years together. Many women also discover rich and intriguing doorways into a new experience of their own cyclic journey.

A Celebration Day for Girls was conceived in Australia by Jane Bennett in the year 2000 & is now in the UK, Ireland, Italy and Mexico. Now, for the first time it is available in New Zealand!

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Register your interest & location through our contact page and we will let you know of upcoming Celebration Day’s near you!

Please feel free to organise your own group (minimum of six and maximum of twelve girls) and contact us for a Celebration Day at a venue of your choice.

The cost is $100 (+GST) for each Mother & Daughter.
The minimum amount of girls is 6 (& the max. no. is 12) in a group.

There are a couple of options for venue:

  • One of the Mother’s hosts the gathering at their house (no additional charge). If a Mother is hosting then normally they have organised the group.
  • Venue is at either: Motherwell in Mt Eden, Waitakere Womens Centre or Grey Lynn Auckland Womens Centre (additional cost of $200 split equally between group).

If you are unable to organise a group then we will add you to our wait list and alert you as soon as we have the minimum number to run the next group in one of the three locations.

The cost includes the 2 hr Mother’s session (an evening prior), 10am – 1pm with the girls: Mum’s join us for lunch & we work through with Mum’s & daughter’s until 4pm, the main aspects of lunch, all crafts & materials.