Fertility Check-List

As many as one in five New Zealand couples experience problems or delays in becoming pregnant. All too frequently, Natural Fertility NZ Educators see individuals and couples who have put themselves through months of increasingly despondent “trying” before finally seeking help and finding a solution.

In response, Natural Fertility New Zealand, with the input of Family Planning and Endometriosis New Zealand, has produced a Fertility Check List intended to help those planning a pregnancy. The Fertility Check List has been peer reviewed and approved by the medical boards of all three organisations and is available free of charge from each of their websites.

Fertility problems are often easy to fix, especially when they relate to insufficient understanding of how fertility works and combines to produce a baby or the effect on fertility of certain lifestyle or personal choices.
A common misconception is that expensive fertility treatment is the only option. This checklist is intended to help people take control of their own fertility and achieve a pregnancy and, if they are still experiencing problems, at what stage to seek medical help.
The checklist poses a series of questions and identifies three key areas where people can make decisions that impact on their fertility.
Your cycle – understanding your menstrual cycle is a vital first step
You and your partner – your partner’s health, as well as your own, has an important role to play
Your lifestyle – lifestyle factors such as stress, diet and exercise can affect your fertility.
If you, or anyone you know, is experiencing problems in achieving pregnancy, this checklist is a must!


Robyn Fausett
Nest Consulting
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