Yes, you should talk to your toddler about periods. Here’s how

Article published in Stuff July 6th 2022 by Serena Solomon

‘…The main trick with young children is to be clear that period blood is different from the blood on, say, a scraped knee, according to Robyn Fausett from Nest Consulting, which runs health and wellbeing programmes for school-aged children. (To Māori, period blood is sacred, but more on that later.)

“Be body-positive and normalise it, and don’t make it scary,” Fausett says.

Any conversation should be simple and at a child’s level. 

“They are not going to understand a big, long conversation about puberty, and it is certainly not a one-off conversation,” Fausett says. “Don’t overdo it and see if they come back for more,” she says, framing the subject as multiple conversations taking place over years rather than a one and done.